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'Diane is brilliant...she has really helped me to recover from persistent back pain, both through treating it when it flares up and recommending longer term rehab work to prevent it. She is also exceptionally nice and nothing is too much trouble. I have recommended her to numerous friends who have also been very happy patients of hers.'


-Mark Hudson




To whom it may concern,


I confirm that I have known Diane Kheir as my osteopath who treated me throughout my pregnancy and for a number of months after my son being born.


Before meeting Diane I was suffering with pelvic pain which I was told was part of being pregnant. I then learned about Diane, and after her treatment, I was able to maintain full mobility throughout the nine months. In addition Diane gave me detailed advice on how to look after myself during and after, in order to maintain full movement. This included exercises, references to websites and books, as well as her vast amount of experience in dealing with this common situation. Diane's advice was most valuable as I was able to work throughout the nine months as well as drive, allowing me to maintain my job and independence. She was always available at times convenient to myself and she was also able to do home visits as and when required. I would strongly recommend Diane for treating pelvic pain.


In addition, Diane helped me after the birth of my son to treat him with cranial osteopathy as he was not moving his neck freely and not feeding properly. She was patient with him and myself and once again worked around my son's needs. After just two sessions there was vast improvement in the way he was feeding and no signs of any condition after three sessions.


As a new parent support is vital and I would say that not only did Diane's treatments help my pelvic pain and my son, but her sound advice gave me hope when learning to become a mother.


I am happy to provide any further information if required.


Yours faithfully,


-Bobby Dhanoa




I was recommended to Diane due to suffering pelvic girdle pain during my first pregnancy. I was in quite a lot of discomfort and pain and was limping. From the first visit the treatment made a real difference to me and helped to stabilise the condition. Diane is extremely well informed about PGP and explained the condition to me very well. Diane also gave me some very useful exercises to do at home. I had heard of some ladies ending up on crutches/in a wheelchair temporarily due to the condition and was therefore quite worried, but Diane allayed my concerns and reassured me that with treatment/doing exercises myself I would be ok. She was right and as the pregnancy progressed my condition did not get any worse, in fact it actually improved slightly which I believe is quite rare. I also recovered quickly after giving birth which I believe is not always the case; many women continue to suffer the effects of the condition after giving birth.


My only regret is that I did not go to see Diane sooner. If and when I become pregnant again I will definitely be seeing Diane sooner rather than later!




Dear Sir/Madam,


I have been receiving regular treatment from Diane Kheir for Coccydynia. Since using Diane, my condition has dramatically improved, this I attribute her expertise as an Osteopath.


I have found Diane to be very supportive of my condition. I have always received effective treatment; this is due to her kind and caring manner, as she has always made me feel very relaxed.


I have also taken my daughter to see Diane for Cranial treatment. My daughter had a traumatic birth, (delivered by Ventouse and Forceps), sleeping problems, reflux and generally quite irritable and Diane cured her after two sessions. My husband and I both commented that she has miracle hands!


I have so much confidence in Diane’s ability that I have recommended her to numerous friends, who have all thanked me for her contact. Everyone has said to me that Diane is extremely talented.


Yours Faithfully,


-Mrs Claire Fletcher




To whom it may concern


I have had the pleasure of working with Diane KHEIR, Osteopath for some years now.


During this time I have referred many of my clients to her. She is expert and professional as well as extremely dedicated and knowledgeable.


In my opinion her expertise and understanding of PGP in particular is outstanding and with this she achieves extremely good results.

This enables our mutual clients to have a more comfortable and manageable pregnancy than they would have otherwise experienced.


I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring my clients to Diane, safe in the knowledge that the attention and treatment that they receive is appropriate and effective.


Yours sincerely


-Susan Tunnacliffe RM




Highly recommended - Fantastic osteopath


Diane is a fantastic osteopath, very personable, friendly and professional. She puts the patient at ease and her treatments are very effective. She is so knowledgable and the treatments are really relaxing. She has vast experience treating the elderly, as well as young people, pregnant ladies and babies. She helped me to get well and I highly recommend her.

Diane first treated me in Oct / Nov 2010. I was in such a bad way, I could barely get out of bed. I had severe body pain and my back / hips were a mess. I had bad sciatica too. First I needed a few treatments but then I only had to go back if I had a complaint.

Diane successfully treated me with osteopathy and cranial osteopathy too. In 2013 I got pregnant and suffered with bad sciatica and PGP throughout the pregnancy, but Diane's treatments helped so much, it was wonderful. With cranial osteopathy she also helped my chronic sinusitis that I developed during pregnancy.

My little baby girl was born with a forceps delivery in March 2014. I brought her to Diane too, and she treated her to make sure that her cranial (skull) bones are in the right place and also to help with her silent reflux. Alyssa loved the treatments, they were so gentle and lovely, she slept through them and it helped her a great deal.

I recommended Diane to several friends with various musculoskeletal problems, and she helped all of them.


Testimonials from Diane's patients

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