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Mommy MOT

Many women who are expecting - or who have had  their baby - have a weakness in their stomach muscles and pelvic floor.


You may already be concerned about your 'mummy tummy' and unsure how to rehabilitate those muscles safely and effectively.


You may be suffering from pelvic pain, bowel or bladder changes and want to discuss these confidentially.


Or, you may be expecting and are performing a lot of core stability exercises.  In your case, you may need to learn how to relax your tight pelvic floor muscles in preparation for an easier birth.


I am a highly-experienced health professional whose passion has been to research and treat these issues.


I would be delighted to offer you a personalised Mummy MOT service and to support you in restoring your body to good health by  identifying  your particular strengths and weaknesses and to help you achieve optimum balance.


I am proud to offer you following highly professional programmes, executed in a relaxed, private, non-judgemental setting:


Contact us to arrange a home osteopathy visit.

Call now: 01494 880 649

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  • assessment of tummy muscles

  • evaluation of your pelvic floor muscle tension

  • advice and tuition on safe pelvic floor exercises

  • assessment of posture, breathing and pelvic health

  • bespoke exercise programme

  • full report with my findings and recommendations


The initial assessment takes about an 1 1/2 hour and costs £90 (some insurance companies may cover this cost).


You will receive your report on the day of your assessment with my findings and recommendations        


You then have a variety of options going forward, ranging from regular ante-natal checks at agreed intervals. Or you may choose a bespoke exercise and treatment programme with me.  It's entirely up to you.


POST NATAL MOT (6+ weeks)

  • assessment of your tummy muscles after pregnancy

  • evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles

  • check for scar tissue, rib cage changes and other post natal issues

  • full screen of your posture, breathing and physical changes

  • recommendation for tummy and pelvic floor exercises

  • full report with my findings and recommendations


The initial session and report will last about 1 1/2 hours and costs £90 (covered by some insurance companies).

Subsequent sessions with me will last one hour and cost £60.


You then have the option of progressing onto a six-week, individualised post natal treatment and exercise programme.  A fitness professional can take over once your core is functioning and you know how to exercise safely.



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"Every woman owes it to herself to undergo a pelvic floor MOT, and for women post-birth it really should be mandatory.


I am so happy to have found Diane and now tell all of my female friends to book in with her. Her knowledge is second-to-none and her down-to-earth nature and friendly guidance made me feel comfortable from the start. With Diane's expertise I now have a targeted action plan to ensure my pelvic floor health is the best it can be. I have found Diane's advice to be invaluable and of far more benefit than my post-birth 6-week GP check (during which my pelvic floor was not discussed, let alone examined).


In this age of self-care we are encouraged to strengthen and tone the visible parts of our bodies, and yet the hidden pelvic floor - certainly one of the most important areas of a woman's body to maintain the health of - is not mentioned anywhere near enough. Women face so many unnecessary problems with their bodies that can be readily solved with pelvic floor conditioning and the sooner each woman understands their own body the better.


If you are in any doubt of whether to book a Mummy MOT then I urge you to go for it. In doing so you are investing in yourself and your future wellbeing. I cannot recommend Diane enough.


Thank you so much again!"